1 September
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agathodaimon, alkaline trio, all that remains, amon amarth, amorphis, anathema, and oceans, andromeda, angra, arch enemy, archetype, arcturus, arena, ark, at the gates, ayreon, behemoth, belphegor, biomechanical, black destiny, blank page, blind guardian, bloodbath, borknagar, carcass, charon, children of bodom, chroma key, concerts, control denied, corpus christi, cradle of filth, crises, cruising, cryptopsy, dark tranquility, darkane, dead soul tribe, death, death metal, devin townsend, dgm, dimmu borgir, dragonforce, dream theater, dreamscape, emperor, enchant, engine, evergrey, exmortem, extol, fates warning, frameshift, god dethroned, god forbid, grave, grave digger, hammerfall, heavenly, helloween, him, hypocrisy, iced earth, immolation, immortal, impious, in flames, into eternity, iq, iron maiden, jag panzer, james labrie, kamelot, kataklysm, katatonia, kreator, krisiun, lamb of god, mastadon, merauder, mercenary, moonspell, music, nevermore, nightrage, nightwish, nile, nocturnal rites, norther, old man's child, opeth, osi, overkill, pain of salvation, paradise lost, poisonblack, porcupine tree, power metal, progressive metal, prototype, punk, redemption, rob halford, royal hunt, samael, satyricon, saves the day, sentenced, shadow gallery, shadow's fall, skinlab, soilwork, sonata arctica, sports, stormtroopers of death, strapping young lad, stuck mojo, symphony x, tad morose, the ataris, the black dahlia murder, the crown, the get up kids, the haunted, the new amsterdams, the vandals, therion, threshold, thursday, traveling, trivium, unleashed, vanden plas, vehemence, vital remains, within another, within temptation, wolverine, working out